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In my Search of the Web, to find a way to earn money from home legitimately, in 2012, I came across the SFI Affiliate Program, as well as several other note worthy Survey and PTC Websites throughout that time, and I decided to try them out. Five Years Later, I am still earning monthly residual commissions from my SFI Business and all of my other ventures. I recommend these Programs to anyone who is serious about earning a residual income and can set aside a few hours a day to Advertise YOUR Businesses For FREE. The SFI program is my main ticket out of the hectic 9-5 work week and will allow me to begin working full time from home real soon. The other sites that I recommend are all FREE as well and have earned me lots of spending money, that I use to re-invest in the different Businesses I belong to.


If you are in the USA and want to contact me directly please scan this qr code or call

1-(386)-917-0424 from a landline phone

and leave me (Robert) a Message if I do not pick up and I will call you back asap.

(Please no Sales calls only things related to questions

about these Businesses that are listed on this website! Thank You.)


Also I can be contacted at pugman30@gmail.com


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