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Understanding how the ECA Program works and How it will Benefit YOUR Main Business

Hello my name is Robert Pugliese Jr. and I was searching the web and noticed that area stores have very little web presence. And I was wondering if I could help you out with this big issue?

You see I belong to a Business that sells many different types of things on the Internet to a worldwide audience of (as I write this) 1.6 million Affiliates and over 5 Million TripleClicks Members (18,155 new added week ending January 16, 2016) and that number grows daily! They would be the "advertisers" for your Business they post your ECA websites Tconnect page or each individual Item that you have listed.

Our Company is SFI Marketing Group and our sales team is called TripleClicks we have been online since 1998 our sales site TripleClicks had its unveiling in January of 2009 and our parent company Carson Services, Inc has been in business since 1985, it is owned and operated by our president Gery Carson and is assisted by his support staff. We are registered with Dun and Bradstreet

Me and my sales team wouldn't want you to miss out on the opportunity to sell your Products to a worldwide marketplace.

It is FREE to join you get a website fully customized with your own name

(example: www.worldproducts.tripleclicks.com) there are no listing fees or anything related to the account. There is just a 15% nominal fee of your selling price (which you can adjust your retail price if you need to - to compensate) ONLY when you make a sale.

What you get for your 15%...

Thank You for your time


Robert Pugliese Jr.




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